SmartCab App

Digital Solutions

Our app is designed to help taxi drivers find the best routes and customers in their area. It uses GPS technology to track the location of the taxi and shows the trips that are available nearby. The app also provides information on traffic conditions, fares, ratings, and tips. With our app, taxi drivers can optimize their time and income, while providing a reliable and convenient service to their passengers.

How It Works

An app with GPS for ordering taxi is a useful tool that helps both drivers and customers in many ways. For drivers, it allows them to find and accept rides more easily, reducing their idle time and increasing their income. It also helps them navigate the best routes and avoid traffic jams, saving them time and fuel. For customers, it enables them to book a taxi with a few taps on their smartphone, without having to call or wait on the street. It also gives them an estimate of the fare and the arrival time, as well as the option to rate and tip the driver, enhancing their convenience and satisfaction.

Project Details

  • Clients: Safe Ride Dispatch
  • Project: Smart Med
  • Service: App Development
  • Category: Consulting Product
  • Date: 24 Feb 2022
  • Download: Consulting Product